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Winter Is Over!

We may be acting a bit like the ground hog when we declare “winter is over.” With the warm temperatures we have seen a few times recently, it feels like winter is about to depart for good . Now is a good time to start thinking of having your winter coats, sweaters, and other winter clothes cleaned before storing them away for the season. It’s important to clean items before storing them away for a season. Any remnants of food such as sugar, crumbs, and invisible minor spills that dry “clear” may be inviting unwanted pests that can damage your clothing, leaving you to discover holes in them at the start of the next season when you go to wear them again.

WINTER COATS — Our staff puts considerable effort in cleaning, shaving burrs, tightening buttons, and mending small tears in winter coats. They work an average of 20 minutes on each coat to provide the finishing touches you have come to expect from Fabric Care Cleaners.

An added bonus, children's coats are discounted at 25% of the adult coat price. Children’s coats receive the same level of service as adult’s coats, and the price is discounted because of their smaller sizes. Ironically, they may require more time and attention to scrub heavily soiled areas like pockets.

SWEATERS — Sweaters are also inspected for little burrs and lint which are removed as part of the cleaning process. These “extra” steps are what makes the Fabric Care Cleaners difference.

COMFORTERS — Protect your family from dirt, allergens, perspiration, dust mites and pet dander. Regular cleanings help keep your family safe from contaminants. Also, our large capacity machines provide more thorough, proper cleaning that comforters require.

So send us your winter clothing and lets put it behind us.


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