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We Stand Behind Our Work

Neatly Folded Polo Shirts

Recently, we received a distress call regarding a laundry mishap involving logo apparel that had been inadvertently subjected to excessive heat in a dryer. While today's polyester fabrics offer advantages such as cooling properties and elasticity compared to traditional cotton and polycotton blends, they remain highly susceptible to heat damage.

The individual calling us had utilized an online laundry service promising affordability and convenient home pickup. Unfortunately, nearly 20 shirts returned with seemingly irreversible wrinkles, a consequence of being exposed to high temperatures in the dryer. Compounding the issue, this particular service lacked a local presence in Indiana, and their liability coverage was woefully inadequate, offering little solace to the aggrieved customer. The service responded, rather callously, by suggesting that purchasing additional insurance at a higher cost would have been the solution to safeguarding valuable items.

Upon being referred to us by acquaintances, we immediately sprang into action. We reprocessed the shirts, delicately washing and pressing them while still damp in a concerted effort to coax the stubborn wrinkles from the fabric. Ultimately, the customer was pleased with the outcome. Though the client was pleased, it required multiple attempts on our part, with four particularly stubborn shirts.

At Fabric Care Cleaners, we operate under the steadfast belief that every interaction with our clients is a testament to our reputation. We proudly display our hotline phone number (317-224-3212) on all our materials and vehicles, inviting customers to reach out should any issues arise. In instances of unexpected mishaps such as this one, and a number of others over the years, we respond swiftly. Within hours of assessing the situation, we engage with the affected client, ensuring that any concerns are promptly addressed and resolved within days. While we acknowledge that we cannot preempt every potential issue, we firmly uphold the principle that our service includes taking responsibility for our actions.


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