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Clean Comforters Regularly

We humans spend on average one-third of each 24-hour day sleeping. We cuddle up at night with our comforters and/or duvets on cold evenings especially, but also all year around.

According to Dreams, that one-third of each day adds up to around 33 years in bed during their lifetime, for the average person. While we change our sheets more frequently, comforters need periodic cleanings, as well. According to Good Housekeeping “25% of people never clean their comforters!”

Why should you clean your comforters regularly? They catch dust, sweat, dead skin flakes, and other contaminants. If you have furry friends, there is pet hair and dander to consider, as well.

Cleaning thick fluffy comforters in your home washer and dryer can be a challenge, however. Most machines aren’t made to handle items of this size and wash them thoroughly. In some cases, this has even led to costly repair bills.

Fabric Care Cleaners uses large capacity machines to take proper care of your comforters and duvets. We clean and sanitize them so you can sleep soundly knowing you are maintaining the hygienic well being of your family.

To assist with this, watch for upcoming text and/or email reminders from us to help you stay on a regular cycle, cleaning your comforters quarterly as the seasons change throughout the year.

Comforters come back to you clean, sanitized, and packaged in a zipper bag, convenient for storage at the end of a season.

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