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Spring "Cleaning"

At Fabric Care Cleaners, we are always looking to make improvements. These improvements take many forms — some are more visible than others, but hopefully all of them improve the experience each of you, our valued clients, have with us as we take care of your dry cleaning and laundry for you.

In our laundromat, which is alongside our main facility on the westside of Indy, we have replaced some older washers and dryers with higher capacity new equipment. We now have a dozen 60– and 80--pound washers along with our 125 lb. super washer! Finally, our eight new, large capacity 45-pound dryers are operational, as well.

This year we have been improving our delivery fleet by purchasing newer vans, as brand new vans are either non-existent or in short supply. We have improved our van “wraps” by moving to brighter colors, hopefully catching more views in a pleasing way.

At most of our satellite locations we have added drop boxes, newly wrapped in our branding, similar to the vans. (see photos!) These are great for our in-store clients as well as our Gold Star Delivery clients. Whether you are an “early bird” and miss our store hours in the morning on your way to work, or you missed putting your bag out on the porch for our driver, you can now drop off your personalized bag into the box any time, 24/7!

Drop boxes are currently available at our Downtown, Plainfield, Mooresville and Martinsville stores (see below). Brownsburg’s box is coming soon. At our main location, drop off is always available until midnight, seven days a week, with our laundromat team members.

Are you a store client and don’t yet have a bag to use for drop-off? If you haven’t yet been offered one, ask our client care associate for one the next time you’re in! When you drop your bag, your order is detailed first thing in the morning and you’ll get a text when it’s ready to be picked up. Gold Star Delivery clients, your orders are delivered on our next visit to your home. As always, our web-app keeps you up on your order’s progress.

If you have a deadline or time crunch, we always try to accommodate in the best way we can. Please contact our Route Manager, James Belt at 317-224-3212.


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