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Down and Feather Pillows


Cleaned & Sanitized

Good feather pillows that are "flat" and won't fluff up any more probably need cleaning and refilling.   Over time down and feather pillows flatten out, or lose their bounce, regardless of filling.  The down and feathers disintegrate leaving dust, as well.

Our process cleans and returns the original bounce to your pillows.  We first removes the filling discard the old case. Then the filling is processed in a special chamber that de-clumps it and sifts out the dust.  An ultraviolet light cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes the filling at the same time.  Finally, the filling is placed into a brand new 100% cotton ticking designed for feather and down pillows.


Call or email us for more details about this service.  You may like it so much you'll want to do it annually for your health and comfort!

Fabric Care Cleaners is your pillow rejuvenation service in the Greater Indianapolis area.


Pillw Cleaning & Care
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