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Our Story

Fabric Care Center was begun in 1960 as a self service laundromat on West Washington Street when Peter Prionas, with a business partner, opened the business in a building attached to a neighborhood movie theater.

In 1965, Pete and his wife, Kiki bought the adjacent property at Morris and Washington Streets and constructed a modern, freestanding building from which to operate the new, expanded self-service laundromat and professional dry cleaning service.

From the time they arrived in Indianapolis from Greece, Pete and Kiki have worked hard to build their business and accomplish what they could not do in their hometown -- create a better life for themselves and their family.  They achieved this by providing the highest quality service possible and on time. 


As the business grew, the building was expanded in the early 1990s to separate out the dry cleaning plant and customer call office from the self-service laundromat, allowing more space for both.  Building on its reputation of good service, and with their daughter Cristina on board, the business expanded to serve first the nearby airport area businesses such as airlines, car rental agencies, and hotels; eventually growing to serve downtown and some north side hotels, as well. 

Today from its original location, and under the leadership of Tom Prionas,  Peter and Kiki's son, Fabric Care Center serves customers all around the Indianapolis and suburban areas through its home and office pickup & delivery service, known as their "Gold Star Premium Home & Business Delivery Service."

Fabric Care Center in 1965
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