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No Time For Doing Laundry?
Fabric Care Cleaners offers
Campus Pick-up and Drop-Off of Wash 'n Fold Laundry Service

Your trusted dry cleaner since 1960





  • How does the Campus Laundry Service work?
    For those who purchase cleaning thru the academic year, your child is issued a special laundry bag. The clothes are collected on campus and returned cleaned and folded.
  • How much does the service cost?
    For weekly laundry pick-up and delivery throughout the academic year in the medium-sized bag, the cost is $640.00.
  • What if I don't want to make a commitment for the entire academic year?
    An account would be set up for the child. A bag would be issued and we would charge $25 for each time we clean their clothes.
  • What about dry cleaning an interview suit or dress, is that included?"
    No, dry clean only items are not included in the Wash 'n Fold price but would be charged to their account.
  • What if my child is an athlete and has more than 20 lbs of laundry per week.
    We have a large-size bag that holds about 30 lbs. The academic-year price for this size is $896, or $35 per load.
  • What if I send a comforter for cleaning?
    While sheets and towels are included, due to the extra energy costs to clean a comforter, these are charged separately to the account.
  • What if we need to cancel service do to unforeseen circumstances?
    Fabric Care Cleaners would credit the account for a future use, no greater that half the initial payment amount.
Life changes. Our quality service never will.

Take comfort in knowing your laundry is handled and will receive the same quality care we've been providing the Indianapolis area for over five decades. Enjoy the convenience of exceptional dry cleaning with FREE pick-up and delivery from Fabric Care Cleaners’ caring and experienced professionals.

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