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Gold Star Delivery Service

With no extra charge for our Gold Star Delivery -- our Pick-up and Delivery Service -- there's no reason to wait any longer!
Begin enjoying the convenience of dry cleaning service delivered twice a week to your home or office! 
Have all your favorite clothing delivered back and ready to wear in just three days!
Save time and energy eliminating two trips to cleaners to drop off, and then again to pick up your dry cleaning (if you remember  to pick it up!)
It really is as easy as 1,  2,  3....
Gold Star Delivery Service
1.  Sign Up for Service


Click the button below to sign up online creating your account to start Gold Star Delivery to your home or office.

If you'd like personal assistance, please call 317-224-3212 and our Route Manger will get you started and answer any questions you many have.

Sign up for Gold Star Delivery
2.  Set Your Bag Out


On your pick up day, place your bag in the agreed upon designated spot where our driver knows to pick it up. 


Laundry Bag Outdoor Placement
3.  Take In Dry Cleaning


On your next service day, go to the designated delivery spot at your home or office, and bring in your dry cleaning and laundry.  It couldn't be easier.



Next Day Wash & Fold
The best location is at your front door!
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Map of Delivery Area


At right, you will find a clickable map of the areas we service.  As you can see, we offer our home delivery service across all of Indianapolis and much of the greater suburban area.

In the map, the zones shown in yellow indicate the scheduled service days our drivers are in those areas. 


The schedule is as follows:

  • Yellow: Driver is in your area on Tuesdays & Fridays

  • Blue: Driver is in your area on Mondays & Thursdays 

  • Gray: Driver is in your area on Wednesdays

If the map at right is not appearing correctly, please click this link to see map in a new tab or window.


Gold Star Delivery Service.png
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