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Shoes Shined and Repaired


Shine to Impress

Did you know that one of the first things both men and women notice about you are your shoes? From cleaning and shining your shoes or boots, to refreshing your UGG boots after a wet winter, we take care of you.


Our technicians do their best to make your items look like new again. We remove all the dust and dirt then clean and shine them. A conditioner is added to keep your leather soft to prevent cracking.


We can clean leather athletic shoes, golf shoes, and  leather boots. Now you're ready to go out and make a great first impression.

We also offer shoe repairing, as well, via Hakky Shoe Repair.  Through this partnership we offer their full repair services from the convenience of our store locations or our Gold Star Delivery service to your home.

Try us out, you won't be disappointed.

Shoe Shine & Repair
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