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Grateful For You!

As another holiday season approaches and Thanksgiving is upon us, we take a moment to look back and reflect on what is important. Through all the ups and downs of the past year, this seems more urgent than ever.

As things now begin to resemble something we remember as normal, we recall that a year ago, we were going into the austerity of a “virtual” holiday season. We were encouraged to stay home and not gather for the holidays. Then the horizon brightened with the arrival of vaccines, then darkened again with the onset of the “Delta” variant. Now things seem to be generally moving in the right direction.

Throughout all this and since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, what we could count on is being here to serve you, our valued clients.

We know that you didn't always have the same need for our services due to working at home and such, but as we stayed in touch with you, you always responded.

We reached out to check in about “holds” on your account, to see if things had begun to resume for you. We reached out when we had coin shortages for our laundromat, and hanger shortages in our dry cleaning plant. In each case, you responded! We had customers pay their dry cleaning bill in quarters! We had an amazing response with hanger recycling — over a 2-week supply was returned!

We are thankful! We are grateful and glad to still be here and operating and serving you. We are grateful for you our valued clients, without whom we would have no reason to exist

as a company!


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