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5 Items You Must Dry Clean

Clothes are like members of a band. They are flashy, we enjoy them and they can even bring us comfort.

And sometimes they lose their luster after the first wear.

Don’t let your clothes be one-hit wonders.

Knowing how to take care of your favorite pieces can add years to their lifespan. The average washer and dryer combination is not always the smartest way to treat your clothes. They occasionally need a professional’s touch.

Items you need to have dry cleaned:

Item 1: Pillows

Washing your pillows may seem to be more of a hassle then it’s worth. But after thinking about all the dust, hair and dead skin that builds up on these fabrics, you may want to reconsider! Taking your pillows to the dry cleaners is a great way to remove this grime without worrying about cleaning them correctly, no matter the type.

Item 2: Suits

If you haven’t done so already, you should definitely be taking your business suits – especially if they are made of wool – to the dry cleaners. Sometimes spot treatments don’t take away a pesky stain, and a professional is your next safest bet. Plus, this method keeps your pants and jacket looking extra sharp!

Item 3: Leather or Suede

Some owners of these materials think that it’s safe to wash their items at home. But for the sake of your leather jacket or suede pants, just drop them off at the dry cleaners. On top of not having to worry about shrinkage, taking these items to a professional eliminates any concerns of cracks and shrivels in the fabric.

Item 4: Materials with Severe Stains

Even if you think that your comforter or other fabric has lost all hope of being spotless again, it’s nothing that a dry cleaner can’t handle. With high-grade degreasers, solvents and soaps, these professionals are trained in the art of combating all types of persistent stains and sporadic smudges.

Item 5: Dark Colored Silks

A majority of the silks you encounter will tolerate a basic hand-wash. However, when you come face-to-face with a darker color, you may notice that once wet, their hues start to bleed onto and stain different surfaces. How can you tell if your silks need to be dry cleaned? Apply a small amount of water to a corner and patch it dry with a paper towel. If any color comes off the fabric at all, it’s time to take it to the dry cleaners.

Who knew that there were so many rules with washing your clothes? Knowing what to treat when and at what temperature can be a lot to keep track of!

Luckily, there’s someone to take care of this.

Fabric Care Cleaners is your one-stop-shop for everything dry cleaning related. From bridal gown cleaning and alterations to tuxedo rental and household fabric repairs, we have what you need to make sure that your laundry day doesn’t turn into a disaster. Stop by one of our convenient Indianapolis dry cleaner locations, or call 317-224-3212 to schedule a free pick-up and delivery!

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