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4 common stains and how to treat them

4 Common Stains

Have you spilled coffee on yourself during your morning commute? Stepped in a puddle while walking down the street?

No matter how careful and clean you try to be, we all succumb to a stain from time to time.

That mark on your favorite sweater might put a damper on your day, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to get rid of one of your wardrobe staples. With the right products – and a little patience – you can safely and effectively remove most common stains from any material.

1. Blood: Did a cut or bloody nose drip onto your shirt? No worries! Rinse the fabric immediately with water. Then, if possible, soak it in room temperature water for about 10-15 minutes. Spot-treat with your favorite cleaner and wash in a separate load to avoid staining other clothing.

2. Coffee: Spilling fresh coffee on a pair of pants isn’t the best way to start your morning. Luckily, it’s an easy fix! Soak the clothing item in lukewarm water and then gently dab the stain with detergent. Vinegar diluted with water is also an easy detergent substitute. Finally, wash the clothing in the hottest water recommended for the material.

3. Sweat: Pit stains aren’t exactly the prettiest thing to look at. If washing in hot water and detergent doesn’t help, soak the shirt in warm water and let sit in a dusting of salt. Bleach can also be used to remove stains on white clothing, if desired.

4. Dirt/Mud: Your kids love playing outside, which can result in some messy stains. Rinse and shake the clothing in lukewarm water to remove as much of the debris as possible. Apply detergent, let the item soak for about 30 minutes and rinse. Repeat if necessary.

If your clothing problems still persist, bring them to your local Fabric Care Cleaners. Our team of professionals is well-trained and experienced in removing the toughest stains. We also thoroughly wash and dry clean your laundry, taking the time to protect the investment you have made in your wardrobe.

After your laundry comes back neatly pressed, hung and folded to your liking, you might find yourself purposely spilling a glass of red wine!

To learn more about how we can help keep your wardrobe looking its best, check out our full list of services and contact us today.

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