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Inspection For Quality

At Fabric Care Cleaners, we know that our clients count on us to provide them with the best quality and care in the cleaning and pressing of their wardrobe. The work we do allows our clients to have their clothing items ready to wear when they need them.

Our production team has multiple checkpoints through the processes of cleaning, pressing, inspection, order assembly and bagging. The most significant of these is the inspection station. After the clothing pieces have been cleaned and pressed, and any obvious spots or needed minor repairs have been caught and addressed, the items arrive at our inspection station. Here we give them a thorough review.

Pants, for example, are inspected for spots, pressing quality including creases, and buttons. We check the front buttons — on the waist band and inside — and we also check the back pocket buttons, as well, replacing any that are missing or broken.

Business shirts are checked for spots, as well. Also, we check for and replace any broken or missing buttons along the front and on the cuffs. We replace any missing collar stays, as well as adding a “butterfly” plastic collar form under the top button that helps keep the collar in shape. Shirts with French cuffs are folded and clipped to be ready for your cuff links as you go to wear them.

Dresses, blouses, suit jackets, coats and all other items also get this thorough review. In addition to replacing missing buttons, we perform complimentary minor repairs such as restitching raveled hems and other loose seams.

We are always looking for ways to better serve you and make clothing care easy and convenient for you, our valued clients.


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