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Quarter Craze Continues – Thank You for Your Help!

We’ve been blessed to receive such an outpouring of support from friends, neighbors and customers willing to empty their piggy banks and exchange their quarters with us.

We recently received our largest exchange yet at our Plainfield location, where one loyal customer brought in a whopping $600 worth of quarters! For as long as Robin can remember, she collected coins with her father, tracking down and rolling quarters with the designs of all 50 states.

While the rolls were a fond memory of an activity she shared with her late father, Robin realized he’d want his hobby to help others in need of the change. We’re so grateful to Robin for sharing her story and quarters with us and our laundromat customers!

You can still help and get rewarded for, too! Exchange your quarters for cold hard cash (account credit for route customers) and we’ll include a bonus credit on your account!

• $10 in Quarters = Extra $1 Credit

• $15 in Quarters = Extra $1.50 Credit

• $20 in Quarters = Extra $2 Credit

Every $5 in Quarters = An Extra 50 Cents in Credit!

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