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Keep your leather looking great year-round

A good leather jacket delivers a timeless, stylish look that will keep you warm and — when cared for correctly — last for years to come. High-quality leather products don’t come cheap, so you’re going to want to protect that investment.

Here are some simple steps you can take to keep your leather jacket looking its best:

1. Do your homework

There are many different varieties of leather, with some requiring unique care and special maintenance measures. The most important thing you can do before taking any cleaning or care initiatives is to read the specific instructions included on your leather jacket’s tags and follow those guidelines carefully.

2. Waterproof and protect

One of the most important steps you can take to keep your leather jacket protected against stains and water damage is using a waterproof sealant product. Refer to your jacket’s label to find out which style of spray, grease- or wax-based sealant will work best on your jacket and reapply as needed throughout the season. Unfortunately, no treatment can ever completely waterproof your garment, so avoid immersing it in water and never put it in your washing machine!

3. Clean and condition

Before using any leather cleaning or conditioning product, test it on a small, hidden portion of your jacket to be sure it doesn’t cause discoloration or other negative reactions. Rubbing in a small amount of leather conditioner can go a long way toward restoring oil into your leather and preventing dryness and cracking.

For basic cleaning and ongoing care, wipe down your leather jacket a few times per week with a damp cloth to remove salt deposits or other common winter season stains. After any cleaning efforts, let your leather hang and air dry at room temperature away from any heat sources.

4. Offseason storage

Once warm weather returns and it’s time to retire your leather jacket for the season, hang it in a closet free of any direct sunlight or heat using a wide, padded clothes hanger to avoid stretching and wrinkles. Don’t use plastic or wire hangers, as they’re simply not sturdy enough to properly support heavy leather and could lead to disfigured shoulders or cause damage to your jacket’s interior liner. Don’t use any plastic storage bags or sheeting — make sure your leather jacket is exposed and can breathe!

5. Come to the experts

If you’re ever unsure of how to handle the cleaning or care of your leather jacket, there’s one simple solution: come to Fabric Care Cleaners!

Our team is experienced in cleaning leather garments and understands the special care and treatment they require. Visit any of our convenient Greater Indianapolis locations or sign up for our FREE Gold Star Delivery Service, and let our experts preserve the color, texture and look you love in your leather jacket.

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