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6 ways to save money on laundry

How to Save Money on Laundry

Is your laundry list of chores becoming even longer because of… well…laundry?

Running your weekly laundry loads doesn’t only take time out of your busy schedule, it could be draining your wallet more than you know.

To save time and money in the laundry room, we recommend these tips:

  1. Wash with cold water – According to the U.S. Department of Energy, this could cut your energy use in half. Special cold-water detergents are also available to help keep your clothing sparkling clean.

  2. Fill up your washer – The same amount of energy will be used no matter the load size. A full load means less water and less energy used per clothing item!

  3. Turn on the spin cycle – By using the high-speed or extended spin cycle, the maximum amount of moisture is removed from your clothing before leaving the washer. This helps cut down the time it will spend in the dryer.

  4. Clean the lint filter – Take out the filter and remove the lint from your dryer after each load. This helps improve air circulation which, in turn, dries your clothes faster.

  5. Switch loads when the dryer is already warm – Take advantage of the remaining heat in your dryer! This will help reduce the drying time on your next load.

  6. Use lower heat settings – Even though it will take longer for your clothes to dry, you’ll use less energy. When possible, hang laundry outside in the sunshine or on a drying rack to avoid using the dryer altogether.

With these tips, you can improve your home’s overall efficiency and keep some extra money in your pocket. What these solutions can’t do, however, is give you back the time you spend washing, drying and folding your household’s laundry each week.

Luckily, we can!

With Fabric Care’s Gold Star Delivery Service, we can take on your weekly laundry list of darks, lights, sports uniforms, household fabrics, dry cleaning and more with FREE pick-up and delivery service right to your home at a schedule that best fits your needs and lifestyle.

Let our experts take care of you and your family with our quality, affordable and convenient service that can give you back something priceless: your time.

Schedule your pick-up today!

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