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3 Signs It’s Time for Laundry Service

Signs you need laundry service

For many families, the “lazy days of summer” are a fantasy. The kids are out of school, which means summer sports leagues, day camps, swim lessons, summer jobs and a packed schedule that can leave little time for things like laundry.

If this sounds familiar, maybe it’s time to make an investment in your future free time and treat yourself to laundry service from Fabric Care Cleaners. Here are three signs it might be time to call in reinforcements:

Sign #1: You can’t even remember what’s in your hamper.

Sometimes life gets so busy, your favorite outfits can become lost to the dirty clothes hamper for days or even weeks at a time. Or, maybe getting them washed isn’t the problem, but you can’t seem to get those clean clothes hung and folded in a timely manner. Now your favorite khaki capris and the new romper you’ve worn once are piled up in a heap, getting wrinkled at this very moment. Regular laundry service not only takes a chore off your plate, it keeps your favorite seasonal clothes in rotation and looking great.

Sign #2: Every night ends with a laundry emergency.

Are you a nocturnal stain scrubber? Can you even remember the last time you started that last load of the day before midnight? For some of us, it can feel like every night there’s some kind of clothing crisis. Maybe your favorite shortstop needs his home uniform clean before the morning’s first pitch. Or maybe tomorrow is superhero day at camp, and you know the only acceptable t-shirt is definitely not neatly folded in the drawer. If you’re tired of putting out nightly fires when it comes to your clothing, sign up for our Gold Star Delivery Service. It can help you stay on top of the mountain of weekly laundry that only seems to grow during these busy summer months.

Sign #3: You can’t keep up with all the laundry this “summer fun” is creating. Whether it’s the pile of beach towels created by daily trips to the pool, or the grass stains your kids just can’t seem to avoid, summer means more laundry. And there’s not much worse than ending a relaxing day in the summer sun with a few hours sweating over your washer and dryer.

With laundry service, you’ll be able to dedicate more time to summer activities and creating priceless memories.

Our Wash 'n Fold service allows you to drop off your laundry or you can request our Gold Star Delivery Service and receive FREE pick up and delivery from your home or office. We'll practically empty your laundry hamper and deliver it back ready to put away – cleaned, pressed and folded to your exact liking.

What are you waiting for? Schedule your service today and start enjoying Indy’s most affordable convenience.

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