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Leather and Suede Release


Suede and Leather cleaning is a process that removes oil and greasy dirt from naturally created animal skins and then restores oils that bring back the natural look  and feel of your garment.  Leather and suede garments are made of animal hides, which carry inherent characteristics that may be noticeable after cleaning.  Other problems may arise due to the way the garments were manufactured or tanned. In addition to normal wear that can bring damage to the garment, we ask that you make yourself aware of other issues that may occur or become noticeable due to the leather cleaning process.



1. Certain areas of the animal skin may have imperfections in the hides, which include imperfections such as scars, and tick marks.

2. Wrinkles after cleaning.  Hides that are taken from the neck and belly area are naturally wrinkled.  Tanneries stretch these areas to smooth and disguise the wrinkles.  The agitation in the cleaning process may relax these areas.  This cannot be corrected.

3. Shrinkage may occur during cleaning because of the stretching techniques at the tannery. If over stretched during tanning, the hides may relax permanently. Shrinkage is likely to occur over time.

4. As in other fabrics, we may not be able to remove all stains.

5. Uniform color can not be guaranteed if the skins were not matched evenly at the manufacturer. If there is a matching piece have it cleaned at the same time.

6. If there are multiple colors within the leather piece, color transfer is possible to the garment being cleaned.

7. Split pigskin is used in today's market can be extremely weak.  Agitation can cause thin areas to disintegrate.

8. Heavily soiled linings may be difficult to clean completely.


A minimum 50% deposit on the total balance of the cleaning charge is required at the time of drop off.


Please estimate the age and the value of your suede or leather item so that we may take the appropriate actions to clean this garment.


Garment Age_____________    Current Value _____________    or Purchase price _____________


I have read the above and understand that even though you will use that utmost possible care in cleaning my leather or suede garment.  I am aware of the hazards and therefore release Prionas Enterprises, Inc. DBA Fabric Care Center from all


Please reply to the text or email you received with an affirmative response for us to proceed with cleaning your garment. See example A below:

A:  Yes, I understand the risk involved in cleaning leather and/or suede and would like you to proceed in cleaning my garment.

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