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4 Ways to Keep Your Household Fabrics Like New!

Household Fabric Cleaning

Have you ever been face-to-face with that one stain refusing to leave?

Was it on your throw-pillow? A sofa? Maybe the rug?

Removing household fabric stains can be increasingly more difficult to remove than stains on your clothes. However, keeping these fabrics clean is just as important as keeping your nicest business outfit ready to wear.

According to Reader’s Digest, more than 84 percent of beds in America have dust mites, which are microscopic creatures that feed off of dead skin cells. What’s more, the feces and bodies of these tiny creatures can contribute to various problems such as increased irritation to those with asthma. See? This is why laundry care is important!

So, how can our household fabrics stay pest-free and as clean as when we bought them?

1. Vacuum household fabrics often, using an upholstery attachment on suction.

If your new vacuum comes with special attachments, an upholstery tool is sure to be included. This tool – which is normally designed wider than others – may come with a lint-catching fabric strip. This strip makes coaxing dust from sofas, cushions, mattresses and more a breeze.

2. Clean spills immediately!

Any stain left uncared for on your favorite pillow or rug will be very difficult to remove compared to when it first got there. Once spillage has occurred, quickly take action to dab – not rub or smear – the stain away. This can help your materials maintain a clean, crisp look in the long-run.

3. Prevent any sharp objects from pulling and tearing at your household fabrics.

No one likes a persistent tear in their favorite sweater, why should your sofa be any different? When sitting down for a glass of wine in the evening, take special care to make sure that the ring on your finger, or the bracelet on your wrist, doesn’t snag a rogue thread and leave a gaping hole in your favorite cushion.

4. Take your household materials to a professional fabric cleaner once a year.

Not only is professional cleaning a less abrasive form of doing laundry, professional cleaners also pay close attention to the details of your fabrics. When you are at home doing your own cleaning, you also have to take into account the time needed to fold, iron and store your items. Employing a laundry professional removes all of that worry. All you have to do – upon receiving your items – is return them to their original place in your home clean, neatly pressed and ready for use.

Before you get too overwhelmed with the various possibilities of how your fabrics can be ruined, take comfort in knowing that a local dry cleaner is only a call away. Fabric Care Cleaners is your one-stop-shop for everything from household fabric repairs and bridal gown cleaning to alterations and tuxedo rental. Stop by one of our convenient Indianapolis area dry cleaner locations, or call 317-224-3212 to schedule a FREE pick-up and delivery today!

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